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First lets suppose you created a custom module with the module creator.

Then in /app/code/local/Company/ModName/Block/Adminhtml/ModName/Edit/Form.php

Add ‘enctype’ ⇒ ‘multipart/form-data’ That should help to get something in $_FILES

You should have something looking like this:

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Then in /app/code/local/Company/ModName/Block/Adminhtml/ModName/Edit/Tab/Form.php

in _prepareForm Add your upload field (you can add a field of type file (any file) image (image with a “preview” and a checkbox to delete) or imagefile for vidéos !

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Then in /app/code/local/Company/ModName/controllers/Adminhtml/ModuleNameController.php again after if ($data = $this→getRequest()→getPost()) { in saveAction()


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if you are using an image field type, (image is set in addField), then you should add the following code after the if in the controller code. It will now handle a “delete” checkbox linked to the upload field.

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That's it! You're done!

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